Four days a week – Push, pull, legs, whole-body split (Home-based)


This push, pull, legs programme is perfect if you can only work out at home four times a week.


If you don’t want in-person training but want a programme to follow at home, so you know you’re making the most of your time, then a programme is for you! After purchasing, you will be asked to complete my onboarding questionnaire and I will tailor the programme for you. I will customise the plan for your goals and training preferences.

This push, pull, legs and whole-body programme is perfect if you can work out four times a week and can only do it at home. You’ll hit chest, shoulders and triceps on day one, back and biceps on day two, torch your legs on day three and hit your entire body on day four!

All of my programmes are based on my own workout splits I have used over the years and programmes that are currently working for my clients – all adapted for you.

They are based on progression over 12 weeks, so once you’ve completed your first 4-week plan, you can purchase and move onto your next cycle.

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