About me

After transforming my body and life through fitness, I want to help others do the same. 

I know what it’s like to want to do something about your weight and health but feel it’s so daunting that you don’t know where to start and when you do manage to make a start, you fall back into a cycle of eating junk food and gaining weight again – probably because you didn’t have a real plan to start with! 

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your body and to have it hold you back from being yourself and doing what you want to do – whether that’s something small like taking your shirt off on the beach or having the confidence to put yourself out there to date or socialise.

My Journey

I was never an overweight kid, but I ballooned when I was 18 and then spent all of my adult years overweight, peaking at 18 stone. I was put on medication for extremely high blood pressure and was miserable and depressed.

I would always make excuses, convinced myself I didn’t eat that much! But I did!! And I barely moved… sitting in an office all day and going home to spend the evening on the sofa filling my face! I was unhappy being single but felt so bad about my weight that I didn’t have the confidence to go out and meet women…. and I let this go for too long!

I “tried” many times to lose some weight and I lost a good few pounds, maybe a stone, here and there but this never lasted and the weight would always pile back on, mainly because I wasn’t doing it sustainably and still remained inactive.

One morning in August 2015 I got up early and switched on the TV and there was an infomercial on for Beachbody’s Focus T25 workout DVDs (yep, DVDs!). I watched Shaun T wax lyrical about this high-intensity workout that would only take 25 minutes a day. And I was totally taken in by the success stories shown. I thought to myself ‘I can do this!’! I didn’t order it straight away, I ummed and ahhed for a few weeks and finally bit the bullet and went for it!

It arrived a few days later and I committed to doing it every evening. The first workout made me feel physically sick…. I had to stop and wait before I could carry on – but I did carry on! The next morning I could barely walk! I was in no fit state to do a workout the next day…. or for several days in fact! But I started again the following Monday and made it through a little bit easier and did it day after day for the next 5 weeks! The more I did, the better I felt every day – energised and already feeling fitter than I had for years!

I should also say that I was, of course, eating sensibly and healthily at the same time. I didn’t follow the included nutrition plan, the ingredients were way too expensive, but I did eat high protein and low or balanced carb meals – I swore by M&S’s ‘Balanced for you’ range at the time.

I did T25 Alpha, Beta and Gamma and then moved onto Insanity Max 30 and Insanity Asylum – I lost 8 stone by the end of it.

I felt amazing when I lost the weight, I gained the confidence to start dating and met my future wife in June 2016. Trying on clothes, looking good in them, and not having to buy XXL tops and 40-inch waist jeans felt great – I couldn’t believe I had finally done it!

But 2016 wasn’t all great for me. My Mum was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in May and we lost her in August. 2016 was both the best and worst year of my life and things changed in so many ways for me.

As a tribute to my Mum and because I’d lost weight, I decided to run the 2017 London Marathon for Ovarian Cancer Action. It was amazing and an absolute honour to run in Mum’s memory. She’d watched me be unhappy about my weight for so long and I know she would have been so happy for me.

But losing weight was just the beginning of my journey. I was pretty skinny when I first lost the weight and I decided to move on from the home workouts and join a gym to start to build muscle and change my body even more.

I started going to the gym seriously (PureGym Tottenham Court Road was my first) in May 2019 and, although it was daunting at first, I soon found my rhythm and loved it. I had put a bit of weight back on by this time and was committed to not going backwards any further! I went every morning before work and as soon as I started to see results I was hooked!

I lost the weight that I gained and then started to build muscle I never thought I would have.

I was consistently going 5 mornings a week until March 2020, when COVID hit! This presented a brand new challenge as gyms had to close and something which I’d come to love was very suddenly taken away. Home gym equipment was in such demand that it was so scarce or overpriced. But I luckily had a pair of dumbbells and a curl bar at home and managed to get hold of some resistance bands. 

I had to be creative in order to get the most out of my limited equipment but researching and learning what could be done gave me a real love for creating programmes designed to hit every part of your body and I think I’ve actually seen some of my best results during my home workouts. 

This new-found love for programme design and the results it can bring is ultimately what inspired me to study for a Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer certification.

I can help you do the same! Find out more today