I’m pleased to be teaching the following classes at PureGym Bedford Heights. All classes can be booked by PureGym members online at or in the PureGym app.


Every Sunday at 9.30am

If you’re looking for a total body workout that will challenge your fitness and burn fat, this is the class for you. Timed periods that involve a combination of bodyweight and free weight exercises that will help boost your strength and endurance. This is a high intensity class that will be sure to get your heart rate up and help to improve your fitness.


Every Sunday at 8.45am and Monday at 7.00am

This class is designed to build up your full body STRENGTH! There is always 8 strength exercises to hit the whole body, moving with perfect form and control. Plus we always end with a FINISHER to make sure you leave with those post workout endorphins rushing around your body!


Every Monday and Wednesday at 9.00am

If you’re looking to give your body a top-to-toe workout to some great music, this is the class for you. The exercises involve completing reps using a choice of weights and are designed to boost your metabolism and burn body fat. This class varies from week to week to keep your body on its toes and ensure you continue to condition, tone and sculpt your whole body.


Every Wednesday at 7.00 am

If you’re looking for a high intensity workout that will help tone your body and shed fat, this is a great class to attend. Circuits is a high energy and fast-paced class which involves working your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time. Join in this classic class for a fun way to work out!