Christmas Countdown 2023

We can all tend to write off December in terms of diet and exercise – there’s too much tempting food around, we’re busy with events and parties and we tell ourselves that we’ll get back to it in January!

This isn’t ideal because, although you need to let your hair down a bit and enjoy the good food, you don’t want to fall into a spiral of inactivity because it will be that little bit harder to get yourself going again in January.

Even if you can’t get to the gym as much as you normally would, try to keep some good habits going – small simple things that you can do anywhere and any time to just keep you moving and get your blood pumping.

So, to count down to Christmas, I want to set a daily challenge – either exercise or diet and nutrition-based to show you that you can fit something in, no matter how small it is and how little time you have!

Head over to my Instagram to follow the daily challenges, and I’ll post them below here as they go live. Drop me a comment here or on my socials to let me know how it’s going!

Day 1: Press-ups

Day 2: Bent-over reverse flys/rows

Day 3: Squats

Day 4: Climb the stairs

Day 5: Increase your steps

Day 6: Planks

Day 7: Calories, BMI and BMR